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Media advertising

Most notable advertising spaces in 2GIS. Banners help increase brand awareness, create the image of the company, and inform a large audience about your product or service.
  • Various formats
  • Large audience
  • Great attention
Price list (pdf, 450 KB)
The only animated advertising in all versions
of 2GIS listings and the only banner in 2GIS Online. 

The main advantage of this option is that there is no advertising from competitors and the banner can be seen by all users before starting the search.

Use if you need maximum exposure or if you need
to position the company as one of the industry leaders.
The Position is displayed when there is a free space of 270 pixels vertically in the directory window.

Provides an opportunity to reach the entire audience.
The position is displayed at the bottom of the directory when requesting keywords or a category in which the position is placed.

Gives you the ability to attract the attention of additional target audience due to the graphic banner.
Tell more about your business in video!

An ad about your company, products or services will be placed on 2GIS Online startup page.

It is played back in a separate window over the map and is shown to all users, before they start their search.
Special spaces that enhance the advertising effect of the Basic Package. Take all of them at once or select the ones that fit your business. more info

Priority in a category of the level 1

to the package price
to the package price

The position is located on the map and attached to the building where the advertiser is located.

Gives an opportunity to stand out on the map and draw attention to organization.